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Goldie Sunshine (IL) & Daniel Rope (IL)

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さらに、Goldie Sunshineは、世界のいくつかの都市でパフォーマンス、指導、イベントやボンデージフェスティバルへの参加を行っている。
主にヨーロッパ(Eurix - Berlin、RopeFest - Saint-Petersburg & Moscow、MoscowKnot - Moscow、Shi Fest Ukraine - Kiev、Rope Spirit - Prague、Roma Bondage Week - Rome、BoundCon - Munich、AthenShibari - Athens、イスラエルで開催。





今日まで、彼はモデルとして以下のような国際的なイベントに参加しています。Rope Spirit IX、RopeFest St.Petersburg 2019、Rome Bondage Week 2019など。



Goldie Sunshine is a Pro-Dominatrix and a Shibari Artist. 
She discovered her love for ropes as a model in 2015. 
In the first two years she performed as a model and self-suspension.

In 2017 she also became a rigger and her rigging style can be described as a mix of Shibari and more contemporary Western style. She mostly uses Jute 6mm rope for her rigging.
In addition, Goldie Sunshine has been performing, teaching and participating in events and bondage festivals in several cities around the world, 
Mostly in Europe (Eurix - Berlin, RopeFest - Saint-Petersburg & Moscow, MoscowKnot - Moscow, Shi Fest Ukraine - Kiev, Rope Spirit - Prague, Roma Bondage Week - Rome, BoundCon - Munich, AthenShibari - Athens and in Israel.

"When I was 28 years old, I discovered the BDSM world and I was fascinated by it. Ever since then I've explored different roles and had many interesting experiences."

Daniel is a rope model from Tel Aviv, Israel.

He started his rope journey 6 years ago.

"Every suspension takes me another step in my path to find more about myself. While the ropes limit my body they free my mind and soul."


Until today he participated as a model in International events like: Rope Spirit IX, RopeFest St.Petersburg 2019, Rome Bondage Week 2019

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