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Practical Info

We hope to welcome you all in good health and good spirits for a great Shibari weekend!


We’d like to inform you on some of the specifics during the weekend:


Doors open at 11:30, performances start at 13:00.

Please be on time to ensure a smooth check-in for everyone!

When you check in for the Festival you will receive a Festival bracelet with which you can exit and enter the venue

Parking your car near the venue is very difficult. Please consult our tips on parking and alternative modes of transport

Do not bring your own drinks or food into the venue. You can buy snacks and drinks with consumption cards, which will be available at the bar

We decided to cover the floor during the performances in the seating area, so you can keep your shoes on during the shows. For the rope jams of Shibari Night and the after party we will remove the covering. If you want to do some tying on the rubber floor, no shoes will be allowed then. You can work barefoot, with socks or clean sports shoes.



Restaurants near Shibari Lounge


Bistrot Miro: Bistro cuisine, Moorkensplein 28, 4 min. walk


Bar Luca: Mediterranean, Asian, fusion, Moorkensplein 2, 4 min. walk


Nora: Indian restaurant, Wolfstraat 35, 4 min. walk


May’s: Flemish & Thai kitchen, Dageraadplaats 11, 5 min. walk


Aan het Strand van Oostende: Flemish, bistro, Dageraadplaats 19, 5 min. walk


Pasta Pici: Fresh pasta restaurant, Dageraadplaats 13, 5 min. walk


Amon: Pita, Egyptian, Dageraadplaats 27, 5 min. walk


Tranquilo: Mexican, taqueria, Dageraadplaats 21, 5 min. walk


Kabuki: , Dageraadplaats 28, 5 min. walk


Umamido: Japanese Ramen, Dageraadplaats 6, 5 min. walk    


Orso: Pizza, Italian, Grote Beerstraat 46, 8 min. walk


Ardent: French haute cuisine, Dageraadplaats 3, 5 min. walk


Petit Boeuf: Meat restaurant, Belgian/European dishes, Dageraadplaats 20, 5 min. walk


Frituur Daily’s: Fries, snacks, fast food, Kleine Beerstraat 18, 9 min. walk


Frituur Dageraad: Fries, snacks, fast food, Dageraadplaats 26, 5 min. walk

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