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Onawa Asobi Europe 2024

OAE 2024-sml.jpg
OAE 2024-sml.jpg

9月28日、29日にアントワープのShibari Loungeにて、第3回「お縄アソビ・ヨーロッパ」が開催されます!



衝撃的なプレイが好きな人にも朗報だ: サディスティックな玩具メーカー、ヨミが再び登場し、手作りの鞭やキャンドルなどを販売する。


We are happy to announce that the third edition of Onawa Asobi Europe will take place on September 28 & 29 in Shibari Lounge, Antwerp!

Yoi Yoshida has assembled an new team of Japanese performers and will bring a special guest from Thailand.

We from our part are busy inviting European talents, new and veteran, to share their joy and passion for rope bondage with the Japanese team and the audience!

Good news also for those who like impact play: Yomi, the sadistic toy maker, will be present again to sell a fine selection of his handcrafted whips, candles and more.

We are working hard on the line-up. We understand you do not want to miss this unique event and need to plan your trip to Antwerp. Therefore ticket sales are open as of now!


Saturday 28/9

13:00 - Performances

20:00 - Shibari Night Rope Party

Sunday 29/9

13:00 - Performances

18:00 - Closure


Yoi Yoshida - Ryouko Kinky -



Founder Onawa Asobi, Leader team Japan, Presentation

Yoi Yoshida (JP)

Festival Organisers


BeShibari Marc & Shibarista Jess

& the Shibari Lounge Team


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