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Tucked away in a completely normal street in Antwerp, behind an anonymous garage door and at the end of a small cobblestoned alley, lies a hidden treasure for lovers of Japanese bondage: the Shibari Lounge. The venue offers an authentic industrial atmosphere, 12 suspension points and 150 m2 of pleasantly heated work floor. It is situated at 15 minutes walk from Antwerp Central Station.


Originally a rehearsal studio for dance, theatre and bodywork, the venue was discovered by BeShibari and Shibarista Jess in 2016. Soon they started hosting private Shibari Sundays under the name ‘Shibari Lounge’. Gaining popularity quickly, Shibari Lounge is now the place for a wide offer of Shibari workshops and events in Antwerp and has gained fame far across the Belgian borders.

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How to get there

Shibari Lounge is located at Sergeyselsstraat 42, 2140 Borgerhout, Antwerp. See map

We highly recommend you use public transport to reach us.

By train: from Antwerp Central Station it’s a 10-15 minutes walk. By bus: bus 30 has a stop in Sergeyselsstraat, ‘Halte Langstraat’. For train times and itineraries check For bus times check


By car: Antwerp has a “Low Emission Zone”. Older, more polluting cars are barred from the city center area. You will be fined if your car is not permitted inside the LEZ perimeter. Check for details.

It's a daunting task to find parking space close to the venue. There is a free parking strip at Singel, from there it’s a 10 minute walk to the venue. The cheapest paid parking at walking distance is under the Central Station: getting a Pcard, which gives massive discounts on parking rates in Antwerp and other parkings exploited by Interparking. To subscribe, check


By Velo: the Antwerp Velo system consists of red-and-white bikes you can pick up and drop off at different bike stands in the city. A day pass costs €4. The stand closest to the venue is no. 107 – Moorkensplein, 5 minutes on foot. Check the Velo website for more info and rates:


By Bird: electric kick scooters you can rent for in-the-city transportation. Download the Bird app in Google Play or App Store, enter your credit card and follow the instructions. When at Shibari Lounge you can just leave the scooter on the sidewalk. Rates: €1 to initiate your ride, €0,15 per minute.


By bike: should you come on your own bike, you cannot park it in the alley during Onawa Asobi. There is space to park your bike on Koxplein, the small square near the venue. Don’t forget to lock it!

Stage & spectator areas

Performances will take place on a black dance floor. Spectators will be seated close to the stage area on the same floor. It is not allowed to wear shoes in this area. The dance floor is heated but other floors in the venue can be cold in February so we recommend you bring slippers or other indoor footwear.

F & B

Drinks and snacks are paid for with consumption cards, which you can buy at the bar. To get something to eat or drink, present your card and the bar staff ticks off your order. When your card is full, just buy a new one. You can keep unfinished cards for future events in Shibari Lounge. The bar will be closed during performances. During the longer breaks, the bar is open. Free filtered water is available all weekend.

Pinup Girl

Smoking inside the venue is not permitted. You can smoke in the alley near the garage gate entrance. Throw your cigarette butts in the trash to keep the entrance clean. Please do not smoke in the area near the acoustic door, to keep cigarette smoke outside at all times.

Photo & Video

Onawa Asobi Europe has its own designated photographers and videographers. Photography and videography by others is not permitted during performances or Shibari Night. To take selfies with new or old friends, use our great selfie corner to make sure there’s no one in the background that does not want to appear on social media.

Be our guest

The venue has free wardrobe spaces to put your coat and shoes away. These wardrobes are unguarded, so please take care to keep your precious belongings with you. There are two restrooms at the back of the kitchen area, both with hand wash facilities. In Shibari Lounge we sort our waste. Please follow the guidelines near the dustbins.

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