Photos Edition 2020

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Intense and intimate improvisation, this performance was all about interaction and being in the moment

A great display of sensuality and theatre in a spectacular professional choreography

Fabolous dynamic old school style shibari!

The modesty of this show made us all feel like voyeurs to an intimate session

Yukimura-style shibari with a strong narrative and hazukashii sensations

Mysterious, moonlit eroticism and sadism accompanied by live music

Girl power! Rock, fun and loving interaction all in one!

The sense of love and romance emanating from these two brought nearly all of us to tears

Surprise act

Team Japan

The Japanese party put their efforts together for a hilariously funny but nevertheless quite educative surprise performance

What started out as a tender journey soon became a spectacular whirlwind of rope and emotions

When the tough of the Tokyo SM scene teamed up with the tough of the French scene, we got fireworks ! Tenderness and sadism come together !

A technically clean and emotionally touching demonstration of kinbaku

A perfect end to a wonderful festival with these two pro ladies and their delicate interaction