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European Edition of the Tokyo-based shibari festival Onawa Asobi.
Amateur performers from Japan and Europe unite for an awesome weekend of live shows, jams, friendship & connection.

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Next Edition in Shibari Lounge - Antwerp, Belgium on 28 & 29 September 2024

毎年恒例のこのフェスティバルの発起人でありオーガナイザーである吉田ヨイ(JP)が、BeShibari(B)とタッグを組み、Shibari Loungeの会場でヨーロッパ版「お縄あそび」を開催する。パフォーマーにとっても観客にとっても、日本とヨーロッパの文化・縄の交流の週末に参加できるまたとないチャンスです。昼間はパフォーマンスで賑わい、夜はShibari Nightロープ&プレイパーティーを開催します。


Yoi Yoshida (JP), the initiator and organizer of this annual festival, has teamed up with BeShibari (B) to organize this European Edition of Onawa Asobi in the Shibari Lounge venue. For performers and audience alike, it is a unique chance to be part of a weekend of cultural & rope exchange between Japan and Europe. Daytime will be packed with performances and in the evenings we will have Shibari Night rope and play parties.

What an amazing weekend! What memorable performances!  Such a wonderful atmosphere!

Do you often return in your thoughts to the 2020 edition? We do, too!

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