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European Edition of the Tokyo-based shibari festival Onawa Asobi.
Amateur performers from Japan and Europe unite for an awesome weekend of live shows, jams, friendship & connection.

Third Edition of this unique Festival on 28 & 29 September 2024


Yoi Yoshida

T3 OAE 2024 copy.jpg

Confirmed Performers

Makoto (Jp) & Imo (Jp)  •  Coach (Jp) & TatiAna (Fr)    Shiho Shinomiya (Jp) & Ryouko (Jp)   

Tsubaki Tanizaki (Jp) & Ai Yuuki (Jp)  •  Yada (Th) & Miss Bop (Dl)  •  RopeMarks (Nl) & the Shady Lady (Nl) 

Alex Nagor (Fin) & Cheri (Fin)  •  Hairoguma Nawa (Dk) & SarahAdira (Dk)  •   F_red (Be) & Eesse (Be)  •

Vagevuur (Be) & Nonunsenses (Be)  •  Male Shibari (De) & Cons75 (De)  •  Jute Bunny (De) & xerra3 (De)​

What amazing weekends! What memorable performances!  Such a wonderful atmosphere!

Do you often return in your thoughts to the previous editions? We do, too!

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